Girls Lie Too

I hope you’ve realized that sometimes in order to keep a woman from walking past you, you need to keep her from walking all over you. I hope by now you know that girls lie too.

Stop The BS

I didn’t accept my battles as my future. I don’t use my past as a crutch. I don’t identify with those events that happened to me. Those aren’t acceptable excuses to live a mediocre life. I am not a victim, I am a survivor.

You don’t know me

Everything that I post can change someone’s first impression of me and it would be based on that one meme or the cat video I shared simply because I thought it was hilarious. I don’t even like cats.

Good Mom, Bad Wife

I’ve read that your marriage has to come before your children, and while I think that’s an adorable sentiment, it’s not the blueprint for my life.


We are a new hybrid generation of get-rich-quick schemes and those schemes are actually working. Just ask anyone hosting a candle/clam-pearl/legging/jewelry party on Facebook.
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