Relationships Aren’t Vampires

When I was in high school I had a major crush on this guy we will call Stuart. He started on the football team, played varsity all four years on the basketball team and there were whispers of a college track for baseball.

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When Needles Make Babies

The ink has yet to dry on the marriage license. The wedding bouquet hasn’t had a chance to dry out. The hangovers from enjoying the open bar at the reception are still looming. Yet, the big question has already been asked by someone at some point…
“So, when is the baby coming?”
I have to believe this is the usual for most.READ THE REST
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I Don’t Want Another Kid

Once you have a baby, people like to ask when you’re having your next while the first-born is still covered in placenta. Your vagina will still be broken and they get all serious, look you dead in the eyes, and hit you with: “So have you given any thought to when you’ll have another?” The first one is so new you’re not even sure if you like it yet and they want to go out and buy “best big sister” onesies.… READ THE REST
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