Playdate Pep Talks

I’d like to think we’ve all been there. In fact, we all go there on the regular. We park our cars and turn around to face the mini troops, then start doling out some variation of what can best be described as “The Playdate Pep Talk.”
Perfect children and parents aside, at any given time most kids, more specifically toddlers, are trying on some socially unacceptable behavior for size.… READ THE REST
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I tend to be the friend my friends call when there is a relationship problem. I am certainly unqualified to be a therapist, but I have studied gender and communication for several years. Basically I know enough to be dangerous. Any of my friends will tell you, if you call me because you are having a hard time with your husband, and are certain you don’t love each other anymore, my response will always be the same; when is the last time you slept with him?… READ THE REST
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When Fear Lives At Home

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month; 1 in 3 women have been victims of physical violence by an intimate partner. I didn’t grow up planning on being a statistic, but here I am. Hell, I didn’t even label what I went through as “domestic violence” until well after my marriage had ended, and that’s part of the problem. 

Quick background: My dad was an abusive, alcoholic drug addict.READ THE REST
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