LuLaRoe Giveaway

The Spilled Milk Club and LuLaRoe Ashley Kossick have teamed up to offer a fun giveaway to you ladies! Who doesn’t love FREE clothing and a good read? Entering is quick and easy, simply follow these steps to win a pair of leggings on Facebook:
1) “Like” The Spilled Milk Club
2) “Like” LuLaRoe Ashley Kossick
3) Tag a friend on the Facebook giveaway post to do the same!… READ THE REST
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Playdate Pep Talks

I’d like to think we’ve all been there. In fact, we all go there on the regular. We park our cars and turn around to face the mini troops, then start doling out some variation of what can best be described as “The Playdate Pep Talk.”
Perfect children and parents aside, at any given time most kids, more specifically toddlers, are trying on some socially unacceptable behavior for size.… READ THE REST
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