You Are The Worst

Life is full of shades of gray, but some things are black and white. If you do any of these, Harry Potter’s sorting hat just put you in the asshole house. If you’re an offender, you might have everyone you know, and strangers, screaming: YOU ARE THE WORST.… READ THE REST

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The Night I Did The Wrong Thing For My Family

Tonight, one woman fed my family while another one did our laundry.


Listen, I’m not always proud of the choices I make as a mother, as a wife. It’s tough – being that default parent, having the noticeable duties and responsibilities of this family rely heavily on my ability to overcome obstacles that I never thought imaginable.… READ THE REST

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Millennials Are Churched Out

I was having a conversation with a friend a couple months ago. She was struggling with actually attending church. “I just don’t see why I need it?” She said.


I wanted to prove to her that she did need church.… READ THE REST

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