10 Things Only Someone Who Lives With a DIY-er Will Understands

To paraphrase Kevin McCallister,

“I’m painting things and taking off wall fixtures, you better come home and stop me!”

That’s one way to get your husband home a little faster. A phrase I used as recently as yesterday because it’s almost a holiday and scheduled company always gets a DIY-er motivated to do a last minute project.READ THE REST

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Activist Jane Elliott Confronts Race in 2016 and Donald Trump


Jane Elliott is an American icon and anti-racism activist. Her 1968 classroom experiment, “blue-eyes, brown-eyes,” received national attention and has since been turned into a documentary aired on ABC, The Eye of the Storm and subsequent books.  Elliott appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show 5 times, was featured as Person of the Week by Peter Jennings, and in November 2016 was named to the BBC’s annual list of 100 women.… READ THE REST

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