Cherie Johnson-Family Matters


I’m an actress. I travel for a living, no biggie right? All bets were off and the game totally changed when my daughter was born. My daughter is 23 months old and I had never left her before. Then I signed a contract to go on a day trip to Houston to film a movie…without her!… READ THE REST

Letters To Myself


Dear ocean eyes peeping out from the bundle of pink,

Rest your head little one- it comes hard for you, I know, but maybe, just maybe, if Momma and Daddy get just a little more sleep, the screaming would stop.


Wondering who gets me on Christmas


Dear peering through the bars of what used to be your crib,

Momma and Daddy tried to get you excited about the new baby, but it sure made you angry when you could no longer crawl onto Mommy’s lap at bedtime.… READ THE REST

How to Cheat Pain

Pain is a loaded gun. Whether emotional or physical, introduce a high dose of pain and even the strongest, baddest, toughest among us can be immobilized. I have pushed a child out of my groin not once, but THRICE. The first time this happened I was so confused.… READ THE REST

Parenthood: I’m Over It

Being a parent is the most important job there is. I believe there’s evidence to support the notion that it is also the hardest, the most challenging, the most exhausting, and the most rewarding. When I say evidence, I mean that’s how I feel.… READ THE REST

HOOSIER Sugar Cream Pie!

Looking for something quick, easy, and soo good to wow the family this Thanksgiving? Look no further! The Sugar Cream Pie is all of the above and also happens to be the state pie of Indiana which is sure to make all my Hoosier readers swoon.  
We’re T-1 day out from Thanksgiving so we’re just going to skip right to the good stuff.… READ THE REST

Why I Have Few Friends

Your social network could be saving your life, and of course I intend to prove this.

I started a lecture this week on our friendships and how they impact our lives. I seriously was like 2 slides in before I had to stop and beat my chest screaming to the heavens, “DID YOU GUYS HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID?” This stuff is LIFECHANGING, so you’re welcome.… READ THE REST

G I V E A W A Y – Shiloh Jade

The Spilled Milk Club has teamed up with Shiloh Jade to bring you an awesome giveaway just in time for the holidays! 
With two separate giveaways on Facebook and Instagram you have the chance to win YOUR CHOICE of a snapback hat or graphic tshirt! 
See Facebook and Instagram and follow the steps to enter.… READ THE REST

Sweet Potato Bites

THESE! These extra sweet potato bites are so good. Thanksgiving is already next Thursday and my newsfeed is flooded Turkey Day treats. When I saw these from Delish I had to try them!
Having made a lot of sweet potato recipes I was skeptical of how they would turn out.… READ THE REST

How to Nail a Family Photo

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are changing, my coffee is lingering somewhere between pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha, the holidays are drawing closer, and all I can think is “we gotta get this damn Christmas card done before the first frost.”
I always fail.READ THE REST

Why You Lie

You are a liar. It probably started around 3 or 4 years old. You were having a blast playing with your toys, and then suddenly without warning, your parents were all, “time to clean up,” and you were pissed. Here you are enacting an extremely dramatic plot twist between your dolls and action figures, and your rents go pulling things out of your hands and tossing them back into your toy box.READ THE REST

Today I stopped Calling Myself a Christian

“I’m Sorry,” is a blended emotion. This means that you have to feel two emotions simultaneously in order to produce the emotion we call, remorse. The two emotions necessary to create remorse are disgust and sadness. A lot of times people will tell you they are sorry but you can tell that they are not disgusted with themselves.READ THE REST

Stop Calling Us A Mom Blog

Kidding, but not.
We are moms. The 7 kids between us prove that, and other stereotypes like my unwashed hair and affinity for booze in coffee mugs. But we would like to think that we are more than that, we are people with different experiences, and this blog is about highlighting all of the different things that make us, us.… READ THE REST
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