It’s Because I’m Black

In high school I had a best guy friend who truly cared about me. When I failed my parking test he drove around all night stealing orange construction cones. He took me to an abandoned parking lot and set them up and tried to help me learn to parallel.… READ THE REST

My Birth Story Includes My Doula

Tuesday night we had our last dinner together as “just us,” although we had NO idea. Wednesday morning I woke up at 5:30 questioning if my water had broken. I had wondered the same thing the night before, but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to make a big fuss over nothing.… READ THE REST

Why I Waited To Say #MeToo


There has been a lot of discussion lately about sexual harassment and assault. With each story I have felt both saddened by their experience and elated that their story is finally being heard.


However, I’ve also heard opinions that are not so favorable.READ THE REST

Dear Sperm Donor

Dear Father,

I hope you had a Merry Christmas. But in truth,

I hope your Christmas was miserable. I wish you had an ache in your heart because something was missing. I hope you were by yourself and it was just another day for you.… READ THE REST

You Can Find Love Online

Internet Dating

Six years ago I had just been broken up with and cheated on, and half a year before that I had done the breaking up with, both in relationships I saw lasting forever. I’m not just talking about having a wedding-related Pinterest board I spent all my time pinning to, I’m talking about the physical act of going ring shopping with a guy.


What My Mother’s Death Taught Me

I’ve been contemplating writing about this for a while now. Not enough time has passed, and I’m not sure there will ever be enough time that can pass, but I need to talk about it. It’s not something I want to talk about, but for the sake of myself and my husband’s ear I need to talk to someone other than my husband.… READ THE REST

Here’s The Warning I Needed About Motherhood

In the light of one of my friends just having her first baby, I can’t help but think about those first few weeks after having my daughter, Olive. They were amazing, they were life changing, and they were absolutely horrible. You have this thought while you’re pregnant that everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows when your baby is finally here.… READ THE REST

It’s Hard to Feel Pretty

I’m here, climbing these steps in the gym. Kind of wishing I hadn’t set myself up at such a high speed. I’m already tired. I’m trying to act like I’m not actually dying, huffing and puffing up another flight toward that 200 calorie mark.… READ THE REST

I’ll Admit It, I’ve Mom Shamed

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. The lady at the grocery store has done it. That “it” I’m talking about… It’s mom shaming.


I’ll start here though. Hi, I’m Candice. I am not a writer, so, I’m sure this will have grammatical errors that’ll drive some people crazy.… READ THE REST

I Learned to Be a Man From My Mom

82% of single-parents are mothers. The number of single-mothers has risen over the years as divorce continues to climb at alarming rates and dads disappear.


There is magic in a mother’s hand. It’s soft and forgiving, a mother’s “hush” can sooth a crying baby instantly.… READ THE REST

I Hope My Ex-Husband Gets Remarried

I know. If you are anything like me, and most divorced women with children, you’re feeling defensive right off the bat. I had a list of qualms with the idea of an imaginary woman coming into my kids lives. I thought about her being mean, or messy, or not taking care of them the way I want.READ THE REST

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