It didn’t hit me that being a Millennial could be taken so negatively until my recent conversation with my 21-year-old college student brother. Get this—he wanted a full time job this summer that didn’t require physical labor and had flexible hours.… READ THE REST

How I Forgot Who I Am

2016 gave birth to many things for me (& from me). The top of that list, most literally, being the birth of my third child; the sweetest little angel of a baby, Grant (whose cute cheeks have graced these virtual pages on more than one occasion).READ THE REST

Friday Favorites – DockATot!

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve and with today’s Friday Favorites I’m officially declaring 2017 as the year of sleep for moms everywhere, with the DockATot (or at least our best shot at it).

When I first came across the DockATot I was immediately drawn to its stylish and cozy design and my jaw dropped when I saw it was actually SAFE for babies to sleep in.READ THE REST

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