When Needles Make Babies

The ink has yet to dry on the marriage license. The wedding bouquet hasn’t had a chance to dry out. The hangovers from enjoying the open bar at the reception are still looming. Yet, the big question has already been asked by someone at some point…
“So, when is the baby coming?”
I have to believe this is the usual for most.READ THE REST

I Don’t Want Another Kid

Once you have a baby, people like to ask when you’re having your next while the first-born is still covered in placenta. Your vagina will still be broken and they get all serious, look you dead in the eyes, and hit you with: “So have you given any thought to when you’ll have another?” The first one is so new you’re not even sure if you like it yet and they want to go out and buy “best big sister” onesies.… READ THE REST

The Memory Maker

I was 9 years old. This would make my sister 12. There is only a 3 year difference separating us, but a lot of jealousy is buried between those 3 years. She got to do everything first. She hit puberty first, drove a car first, had a boyfriend first, which lead to a kiss that would also come first.… READ THE REST

You’re Fine

I’ve always done it the right way:
-Got good grades, never had detention, never snuck out (which may or may not have had to do with the fact my bedroom was directly above my parent’s room).

-Went to college, got my degree, didn’t end up on any spring break videos (that I’m aware of).READ THE REST

Thank You

The word “courage” comes from the root of the Latin word “cor”, which means heart. 

So it’s been said, that the original use of the word courage, quite simply meant, ‘to tell the story of who one is, using their heart.’

 Thanks for allowing us, and the women we have featured so far, a place where we could breathe, take courage, and tell our stories.READ THE REST

Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake

Fall is here! And to kick off the season right the kids and I whipped up a quick, easy, and healthy-ish (pumpkin is a superfood right?) Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake recipe. Its easy and totally prevents you from having to make (and then finish off) an entire cake.

Letters to my Exes


To the kid who used to chase me around at Daycare
I never knew what to expect besides that I would be afraid to be without my parents. Eventually I would have another thing that I could count on: You chasing me. 

I Still Want To Party.

When you become a parent, there is an expectation that you lay to rest a lot of the things that you might have enjoyed pre-child. Whether that be hobbies, drugs, drugs as hobbies, sex, spending time with friends, or riding your bike without a helmet.… READ THE REST

Mom Rut.

There was a time not too long ago where every motherhood moment was truly savored. The time that I was told would “fly by” moved slow and it was just me and my first babe (my hardest babe).
I basked in it all.… READ THE REST

I Married My Father!

As a kid I had poofy hair and braces. I was terribly skinny, and people used to joke that it looked like a bumble bee had stung my knee caps.
My family was poor and so my clothing consisted of off brand Walmart logos.

Women of the Glass

Being a mother is much like becoming a large glass windowpane. Easily you will become unnoticed. People will sit around you, enjoy you, and use the light that you illuminate in a room but will only acknowledge the sun, and look past your role in the beams.READ THE REST

Wonton Turkey Tacos

Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m formerly the worst cook in America. No really, the first 5 years of this whole housewife gig I managed to burn water 6 out of 7 days a week. I would try to boil the water, get distracted, and the whole kitchen would fill with steam from a boiled-over pot before I even touched any food.… READ THE REST

Lies I’ve Told.

The other day I caught myself lying again.
A habit that’s been on the up and up since I had my daughter. While I was wallowing over the shaky condition of my moral foundation, I thought I’d run my behavior by my mom-squad and see if this is just one of those things you do.READ THE REST
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