Today I stopped Calling Myself a Christian

“I’m Sorry,” is a blended emotion. This means that you have to feel two emotions simultaneously in order to produce the emotion we call, remorse. The two emotions necessary to create remorse are disgust and sadness. A lot of times people will tell you they are sorry but you can tell that they are not disgusted with themselves.READ THE REST

Stop Calling Us A Mom Blog

Kidding, but not.
We are moms. The 7 kids between us prove that, and other stereotypes like my unwashed hair and affinity for booze in coffee mugs. But we would like to think that we are more than that, we are people with different experiences, and this blog is about highlighting all of the different things that make us, us.… READ THE REST

Why Good Girls Want Bad Boys

Ever wonder why you seem to constantly be in terrible relationship cycles that you should have seen coming like a Target Supercenter? Apparently, scientifically, you just can’t help it. While I personally have never been one for the whole “bad boy” phenomenon, I have seen many of my best pals literally lay themselves across train tracks, certain that their Romeo would pull the break before actually dashing their hearts into a million tiny pieces.… READ THE REST

Divorced at 23

20 years old. I was 20 years old when I decided to “tie the knot” with the “love of my life”. To add more fuel to the fire, he proposed after us only knowing each other for six months, most of those months were spent apart.READ THE REST


So, whatever happened to what’s his face?  As a 29 year old single woman, I am so sick and tired of answering this question. Is it me or does it seem like the closer you are to 30, the more pressure you feel to either fabricate your less than exciting dating life, or become a walking, breathing manifestation of Beyoncé’s “Me, Myself and I”?… READ THE REST

The Accidental Affair

I was 18 years old, attending Lansing Community College, and pretending to be a Spartan.
It was my first semester of college and a married guy, 10 years my senior, was taking me to the Olive Garden on his dime, springing for the extra boat of alfredo sauce.… READ THE REST

Healthy Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Well, Halloween is just weeks away and there is no denying it, the holiday season is officially here! If you’re like me that means lots of sweets and comfort foods, and sweet comfort foods, are in your future. In an effort to satisfy those sweet and savory cravings while skipping the guilt I’ve been testing and trying dozens of healthy alternative recipes.… READ THE REST

Playdate Pep Talks

I’d like to think we’ve all been there. In fact, we all go there on the regular. We park our cars and turn around to face the mini troops, then start doling out some variation of what can best be described as “The Playdate Pep Talk.”
Perfect children and parents aside, at any given time most kids, more specifically toddlers, are trying on some socially unacceptable behavior for size.… READ THE REST


I tend to be the friend my friends call when there is a relationship problem. I am certainly unqualified to be a therapist, but I have studied gender and communication for several years. Basically I know enough to be dangerous. Any of my friends will tell you, if you call me because you are having a hard time with your husband, and are certain you don’t love each other anymore, my response will always be the same; when is the last time you slept with him?… READ THE REST
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