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amber teething necklace

I had a real go with the last child I had. I mean, even from the beginning when I first found out I was pregnant, she let me know that she was a force to be reckoned with and it’s best if I sit first. I had awful morning sickness. The kind that gets you hospitalized and fluids pumped into you.


I couldn’t stand the smell of water, it was that bad. Her labor wasn’t anything to be photographed in those cute birth photography photos, either. I was a screaming villain-maniac lady who cursed the nurses and was pleading for anyone to put my out of my misery. I didn’t want to do it anymore. I’d like a take-backsie, please?


The first few weeks of her life seemed to be going differently than the pregnancy, though. She slept pretty well, didn’t have problems eating (quite the opposite. She always wanted to eat), and for the most part didn’t cry anymore than any other newborn I had previously known. All that changed when she was two months old. As with her pregnancy, she wasn’t an ordinary, follow-the-guidelines, type of girl.


She started teething exactly three days after her 2 month anniversary in this world. I wasn’t even told they could be so disrespectful at that age! All the baby books I had ever read, and all the mommy friends I had ever talked to, said I AT LEAST had four solid, good months before the teething monster arrived. Ha, joke’s on me, I guess.


So here we are, in the throws of week two of the teething monster’s staycation, and I’m wondering if it really is too late for a take-backsie? Like, y’all, I tried. This one is broken. Can we reprogram her or something? All jokes aside, I just wanted to see the day where we both could live harmoniously in this world without a hiccup causing the end of it.


One of my mom friends suggested Baltic amber necklaces from She said I could even wear one to help even out my moods (hello, adjusting hormones!). I did a quick Google search on them and found some interesting things about Baltic amber. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Baltic amber gets its name from the region it’s found in, obviously. The sap is collected from conifer trees located near the Baltic Sea, and it’s resin is turned into amber stones. The Baltic region is known for its amber due to it’s succinic acid contents, which is known for having the highest traces of it in modern amber today.


Succinic acid is responsible for the healing effect that amber is renown for. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, while also being packed full of antioxidants, making it the perfect natural multivitamin and mood booster. It works best when worn on the body, since the body can heat the stone and allow for the resin to seep out of it’s porous surface. Once absorbed into your bloodstream, you’ll start feeling it’s healing effects almost immediately.


I bought two, one for myself and one for my teething monster. Now to wait. It wasn’t long before the necklaces arrived and we were wearing them. I felt partially silly to be putting so much hope into a simple necklace, but if it had been working for hundreds of years, it was at least worth a shot.


My maniac, I mean infant, started feeling better almost immediately. To say that she went back to her old self would be a lie. She actually was the best she had ever been. She was calm, happy and content. Her drool had almost completely subsided. Her gum inflammation had noticeably decreased. It was a 10/10 improvement for her.


I had noticed within a few weeks of wearing my necklace that my overall daily mood shifts had decreased, too. I was no longer having as many highs and lows as I was prior. I felt energized even. It was as if I was taking a multivitamin that actually worked! By the second month of wearing these necklaces, both of us were operating at better rates than we had been since she was born.


It was amazing how much Baltic amber changed our lives. If you’re a mother who is struggling with a teething monster or maybe even mood shifts postpartum, try Baltic amber out and watch how it can change your life, too!


Jenn Sanders currently works as a marketing assistant at Baltic Wonder, a company that is dedicated to the health and well-being of infants. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and outdoor adventures. You can check out Baltic Wonder on Facebook and Instagram


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