Millennial Moms Need To Take A Chill Pill

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At 13 weeks pregnant with my second daughter, I found myself overwhelmed, nauseous every second, and praying for a cloning development to come through so somebody could take care of my kid.


My husband works anywhere from 50-70 hours a week, so that was a bust. So, who did I call? Not my mom, who runs her own business and already raised five kids, and not my bestie who already has three of her own to worry about.


I did what I thought the worst move in parenting was: I called on Trolls, Moana & Sing.


I cut some fruit up, to compensate for the loss of brain cells she was about to endure, and I stuck her in front of that damn TV.


I cried day after day about how I was ruining my first child because I selfishly wanted another one. And then one day, during my daily mental breakdown phone conversation with my mother, it hit me. As I cried to her about how my child would be a serial killer-or worse- a non-inventive, C student, she said this to me: “Gina. You all were raised in front of the TV for hours and hours a day. She’ll be fine.”


And yes we’ve all heard this before from our mothers, aunts, grandparents etc. But I processed it in a new way this time.


Here I am feeding my child an organic, predominantly vegan diet. Bathing her in sulfate, sulfite, and shit free soap. Diapering her in biodegradable, fragrance free diapers. Encouraging her artistic abilities (SHE’S 16 MONTHS OLD). And I’m afraid of what a bit of television might do to her.


Then it dawned on me. Look around us. Look around at the empowering women and men we’re surround by today. Game changers. Game changers raised on TV dinners, Capri Suns (with high fructose corn syrup) and TELEVISION. Hours. Of. Television. This world is changing and the people changing it are the same ones sitting here crying over how much shit their child is exposed to. If the way we were raised was that detrimental, then why do our destroyed brains care so much about our children?


Am I telling you this is a free pass to stop raising your child and indulge completely in your social media accounts while ignoring them and letting Nick JR do all the parenting? Absolutely not. In a world with technology at our fingertips, it’s important to spend as much hands on time as possible with your little’s. But should you cry yourself to sleep because your child watched Trolls two times today so you could clean some dishes and feel like a human? No.


Take that chill pill. We’re kicking ass guys. Cut yourself some slack New Age mama, cause your TV drowned, GMO-ed brain is doing a just fine job.


Gina O’Brien is a stay-at-home mom of one-soon-to-be-two girls who like many new mothers, is struggling to find her identity outside the all consuming motherhood. Currently, physical fitness along with bits of reading and writing are what takes up the little free time she is allotted. You can find her on Instagram


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