5 Steps To Get Out of a Rut

This sucks.


We can all relate to feeling this way. It’s more than just waking up on the wrong side of the bed… It’s the feeling of not wanting to even get out of the damn bed because everything is going wrong.


I’ve tried staying in bed and it just makes you feel worse. Literally. Did you know you could get a headache from sleeping too much? It must be an adult thing because I totally didn’t experience this as a teenager.


Perhaps you have another life form depending on you and you can’t flip your pillow over to the cool side just to doze back asleep. My puppy is wide-awake at 7 am and he goes zero to 60 in faster than an LC500. I can’t imagine having another human to care for in these situations… I think it would be frowned upon to put them into a cage. Kudos to you parents.


What do you do when you are stuck in a bottomless rut and can’t seem to crawl out? This week has been the week from hell and I can relate to all of the above. I haven’t showered, eaten a healthy meal, or even put a splash of makeup on… But it’s Thursday and it’s time. Here is exactly what I did and things are starting to look up.


1.) Allow yourself a pity party.

That’s right. It’s okay to feel this way we are only human. Even the best of us lack motivation. Don’t even think about feeling guilty about it because it will only make matters worse. Recognize the fact that you are going through a rough patch and how it feels. You aren’t accepting defeat; you are simply surrendering to the internal battle and giving yourself a break.


2.) Netflix.

Living in the 21st century has its perks so take advantage. I’m not saying waste the day away on the couch but block out a few hours and escape in a different story but only on one condition; it sparks a different emotion than the one you are feeling. You can’t fight fire with fire. Turn on a chick-flick or a comedy. My go-to binge series include Harry Potter, Fuller House, Grey’s Anatomy (in case you needed some recommendations). None of those highlight the fact that every one of my appliances are broken or that I am living off of $30.


3.) Spend some time outside.

Mother nature really does cure all. I’ve gone as far as taking my computer outside to watch a movie just to get some fresh air and natural light. Or you can simply grab a blanket and watch the clouds make shapes in the sky. Turn your phone on airplane mode and escape in the sounds of the ruffling leaves and chirping birds. The natural light, alone, will energize you and help find solace in your mind.


4.) Get your heart rate up.

If you are lacking motivation the last thing you are thinking about is working out but hear me out. Take the dog for a walk or crank up the music and have a dance party by yourself. Your body needs some flow so give it what it needs! No, it doesn’t have to be a 40 minute sweat session, just move a little bit before you play the next episode of your binge.


5.) Pamper yourself.

At this point you haven’t showered in days… uhhh nope, just me? Well, take a shower anyway. Then take your squeaky clean self to the spa for some good old fashioned pampering. If you are on a tight budget, take a quick trip to Walmart. Bath bombs, facial masks, foot soaks, and a glass of wine will go a long way. Pick up take-out on your way home and drop the kiddos off at grandma’s house. Taking some time for yourself is the best way to boost your self-confidence.


Rinse and repeat… The light will shine through eventually. If all else fails, look at this cute picture of a puppy.


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