What My Marriage Needed – Catalonia Playa Maroma Review

After 718 consecutive nights with my daughter and no more than 6 uninterrupted hours here and there with my spouse, I thought my marriage could use some attention. But more than that, I wanted to wake up one day and have to wipe no ones butt, but my own. So with great excitement and moderate anxiety, I left my daughter in the care of her capable aunt and we headed to Mexico for a sojourn that my mental health quite literally depended on.


Catalonia Playa Maroma hosted us for 4 nights and days of childless bliss and I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about leaving your kids and their ceaseless demands for snacks in a different country.


I’m a mom, I’m a Millennial, and if there are two things I needed at a resort it was caffeine and the Internet; The WiFi signal and the coffee were strong my friends. Selfies by the beach? No problem. I could upload them instantly while stifling sobs between Facetime calls with my child. I didn’t miss Starbucks, my days were filled with espresso and generous pours of Baileys.


Maroma Beach has been labeled one of the best beaches in the world, and Catalonia is situated on an incredible slice of it. Crystal clear water, powder white sand – it was better than a postcard and straight out of a Travel Channel special. What I especially appreciated is that although this resort was close to the airport (about 30 minutes), it felt a world away from Cancun’s busy hotel district. We walked endlessly on the shoreline without our view being obstructed by high-rise hotels. Castaway vibes, without the terror.


The room accommodations were clean and modern, the king size bed was so comfortable my husband is saying we need to upgrade at home. (Why didn’t we take this 3,000 mile trip sooner?) Each night I looked forward to drawing those black out curtains and sleeping in until whenever I wanted. Our fridge was stocked daily with beer and water, and we were treated to impeccable maid and turndown service. I only wish my daughter could have experienced all of the incredible towel art. Sorry, not sorry you weren’t there little one.


They have shops on site to fulfill all of your needs, from Tylenol to souvenir salt and pepper shakers look no further than 50 feet from your room. The bases are covered. (I was able to get my daughter an adorable doll, and headache relief was necessary. #ParentsGoneWild)


I’m devoting an entire post to the most important aspect of any trip: food. But Catalonia is doing big things. I was able to get food 24/7 – which is what I imagine heaven will be like. They have two food trucks on site, a juice bar, 4 a la carte restaurants, and one of the best buffets I’ve experienced at a resort. And my personal favorite, a creperie with sweet and savory offerings, milkshakes, and ice cream desserts.


There’s always a catch right? Well, not really. Perspective is everything, but for the sake of being thorough I lobby two “complaints” – that didn’t adversely affect my experience, but might be taken into consideration by others. The gym is modest. They have cardio machines and free weights and I was able to get a great workout in. My husband wishes they had a more elaborate set up; so for people who are heavy lifters, there’s that. Secondly, the main buffet and bar are located a good walking distance from the beach, pool, and other restaurants. Families travelling with small children might consider bringing an umbrella stroller. I love to walk and it was nice to move my body around (other than from the buffet to a lounge chair) so I welcomed it. You also get to see a ton of beautiful nature, plants and animals included, on the walk.


There’s plenty to do and not do. The entertainment staff does a great job of organizing activities, but if you’re looking for a more peaceful quiet experience, the beach offers that. My husband played volleyball everyday, while I moved between the pool and beach with ease. I know lounge chairs are always a concern, but there were more than enough and plenty in the shade (for the lot of us who have come to our senses about the Sun). We had a great time as a couple, but it would be a great destination for families as well. The pool has a shallow area, food options are plentiful, and there’s a Kid’s Club to keep them entertained.


I think what set Catalonia apart from other resorts I’ve visited was the people – I have never encountered a more sincere and friendly staff. I’m in the service industry, I know what it’s like to go through the motions, and I did not get that sense here. They put thought into the cocktails they’re serving (craft menu available!), the food they’re creating, and their impact on the environment.


Do you need to get away from your kids? Or perhaps you want to spend more time with them, but in an alternate setting (weird)… Catalonia Playa Maroma has you covered.


Check out Catalonia Playa Maroma’s website and find out what they’re up to on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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Catalonia Resorts sponsored my stay, opinions are my own. 

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