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If you’re going to bear the crippling anxiety that is leaving your children in someone else’s care (just me?), then you at least need to be pampered. Much to my husband’s dismay, my motto in life is, “treat yourself” – self care is super popular right now and I leave no opportunity unseized. I don’t even blink as I walk by my perfectly working coffee machine while on my way to Starbucks. Extra shot in my coffee? Goes without saying. No sizeable body of water in sight, but bathing suit trends change? I’ll take 7. You get the idea.


So if you’re on the fence about whether or not you should go for the Privileged guest upgrade when booking your vacation, allow me to burn said fence down.


The perks are plenty:


We were checked in, in a private area designated as the Privileged lounge. I have a toddler, I haven’t seen privacy in 2 years – so this was already feeling pretty luxurious. There’s a refreshment and snack area where you can grab a coffee and a bite to eat. You have complimentary access to the use of a computer and most importantly, the staff are extremely eager to answer any questions you have and help ensure that you have a wonderful stay. You’ll be given a special colored wristband that helps staff identify you, as well… special.


The privileged rooms are more centrally located, you have easy access to the a la carte restaurants, and you’re closer to the pool and beach. You don’t have to get your beach towels each morning; they’re waiting in your room for you each day. I loved our room: it was spacious, clean, and modern. I’m convinced that I can’t possibly spend another night without a King sized mattress after being on that bed.


As a Privileged guest, you’re treated to turndown service. The maid service is already immaculate, but it was really wonderful returning from dinner to find a tidied up room, chocolates, and frequently a special treat. I was celebrating my birthday during our trip and we returned to our room to find a bottle of champagne and desert, and a BOTTLE of tequila on another occasion. It felt very spring break meets honeymoon meets date night on steroids. I loved having the option for room service 24/7; you don’t have to feel pressure to make it to the restaurants or buffet during their specific hours, which provided the schedule-less vibe I wanted during my break from working and mom-ing.


Privileged guests receive 10% off at the spa; I took advantage of this incentive and got a really fantastic pedicure. The salon was quiet, relaxing, and the service itself was top notch.


A dinner at the tapas restaurant located on an incredible terrace overlooking the Caribbean is included with the upgrade; this was one of the highlights of our trip. The view was beautiful and I loved being able to sample tons of different dishes. You also have the option to dine at the Terrace Tapas for a la carte breakfast service.


We were seated in a reserved area at the buffet, coffee service was prompt and you’re away from the busy entranceway.


The Privileged area of the beach was a perk, in addition to lounge chairs there are beds. If you love to spend your time by the water, reading, or getting some sun… these beds were ultimate comfort. I’d bring an extra towel or pillow to prop your head and never get up, except for crepes. A waiter was always present taking drink orders. Pro tip – order two at a time.


Vacations are short, make the most of them. In the name of #SelfCare, you need to be Privileged.


Check out Catalonia Playa Maroma’s website and find out what they’re up to on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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Scarlett is a stay at home-ish mom, bartender, and wife. You can follow her on Instagram.


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Catalonia Resorts sponsored my stay, opinions are my own. 

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