My life is crazy. When people ask “how are you doing?” I used to respond with “busy” but I think busy is a common response; so I say “life is crazy.” Ask my husband, he will confirm it. For some reason I picked three careers that have to be the most inconsistent. They say the only thing consistent about real estate is the fact it’s inconsistent. So it’s consistently inconsistent? That’s totally my next book title…


Being a spokes model is also unpredictable. Sometimes I get a phone call about a job in Cali and I have to leave the next day. Like my flight is literally in 12 hours. Fitness coaching is always changing but at least I have control of my own schedule.


I’m not going to lie, I love catching up with my girl friends because they hang on my every word when I explain the details of my last adventure. They are all new moms and barely get sleep, let alone travel time. I feel like a celebrity when I am with them. I’m like Davis from the movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting. You know, the dads all cheer Davis on jogging in the park because he still has the childless life full of exotic stories. Yes I am a total dork.


Lately I have found that I have been getting very overwhelmed. I realize that I do this to myself because I am incapable of saying no to people. I am terrible at time management and I try to squeeze one last event in that blank spot on my iCalendar. One of my bosses asked me today how I “do it” but I honestly don’t know. I love every one of my jobs so much that I can’t imagine giving them up! I do it because it brings me so much joy! When you have passion for something you make it a priority but I am only one person.


How long can you burn the candle at both ends?


My grandmother used preach this to me a lot as a teenager and of course she was right. I would get burnt out and then crash. I would either get physically sick or I would pretend to be sick so I could sleep an entire day but that can’t happen as an adult. People are depending on me and can’t afford to crash and burn. It’s not in my budget. I had to find a way to survive this crazy lifestyle that I live and I think I have found the answer.


I have decided to give myself a hard restart.


That’s right, just like you do to your computer or your phone when it starts lagging. You hold that button down with such determination because you know that it’s going to run like a champ once it’s rebooted. You have to do the same thing for you. And better yet, schedule it in to your week like any other appointment. Take an hour or two just for yourself and don’t you dare reschedule. I realize that the parents out there are rolling your eyes saying “wouldn’t that be nice,” but it’s for your own sanity and the safety for those around you. We all need a vacation, even if it’s in your bathtub with a good book and the running water that drowns the outside noises.


To the students out there, make sure you take some time for yourself too. I mean genuine time. Take the weekend off from shenanigans and go home. It’s okay to escape the studying, due dates, and events. Over 110,000 people a year are admitted into rehab for an Adderall addiction and college students are twice as likely to abuse it than their peers not in college. Let me tell you, it’s easier and cheaper to take a break than to go down that path.


A lot of tech companies require their employees to take vacations to improve productivity. Everyone thought Google was crazy when they implemented their vacation policy. They get 15 days PTO in their first year and it grows each year. Get this, any employee can take one 3 month unpaid vacation a year without the fear of losing their job. Other companies have the unlimited-vacation-days-policy. The idea takes the stress off of the employees and they can take a break whenever they need as long as their job is getting done. Can I get an Amen?!


If you are like me and find yourself crying in the fetal possession on the shower floor from time-to-time, I think it’s time you look at your planner. If you don’t have any “me” time in there, schedule it in. If you don’t have a planner, perhaps that’s the root of your problem.


If some of the world’s best tech companies make their employees take a vacation, we little people should too. Peace out, I’m headed to Disney World. Like…literally.


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