Big Brother Season 18’s Victor Arroyo III: A Letter to my Future Wife; I’m Not Ready

I don’t know who you are, but I have dreamt about you. I still don’t know what you look like, but in my dreams I know you’re the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes upon, then I wake up and you’re gone. You have a glow about you that brings happiness to those around you. A smile that can, in an instant, change my mood for the better. I can get lost in your eyes like there’s something in the distance, but I can’t quite make it out; I still stare. I pass many nights alone longing that we meet. But…if I am being honest, I don’t know if I want to meet you yet.


Does that make sense? I love you with everything in my being, but I don’t want us to meet, at least not right now. I just know that I am a young, hardly famous man in this world trying to get ahead. I know I’m immature and I’m not great with my feelings. I know I wouldn’t give you the attention you need. I know I would take you for granted and risk losing you forever. I know I still need time to figure myself out before I can figure us out.


I plan on doing a lot of growing up before we meet. I want to establish myself and have financial freedom, become more patient and understanding, and give myself an opportunity to grow mentally and physically.


Also, I ask you for one favor; give me time to get comfortable with expressing emotions with you. Like Shrek, I also have layers and I want to open up to you, but I can only do that with time.


All I want from you is for you to be the loving, smart, funny and understanding woman that you are. I know you will make a great mother to our children. I will interject with the fact that our first-born son has to be named Victor Arroyo IV, but I digress. I want to be able to grow with you as a person and learn from each other.


I once heard that behind every great man is an even greater woman, and I believe that will be true.


Future wife I don’t know when we will meet, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out.


Until then, forgive us men, because sometimes we just are not ready yet.

Victor Arroyo III was a fan favorite on Season 18 of Big Brother. He is the Co-Owner of London Media Service Ltd. You can keep following Victor’s story on Instagram CLICK HERE. 

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Dr. Heather Thompson Day is an Associate Professor of Communication, and Editor of Envision Magazine at Andrews University. She is the author of 6 Christian books including Confessions of a Christian Wife, available January 2019. You can follow Heather on Twitter or IG at HeatherThompsonDay.

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  1. Brenda

    Victor, sometimes you meet someone when you are not ready, and then you grow together. Just let your heart be open and when you meet the right one you will know. Life does not happen according to our plans sometimes.

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