It didn’t hit me that being a Millennial could be taken so negatively until my recent conversation with my 21-year-old college student brother. Get this—he wanted a full time job this summer that didn’t require physical labor and had flexible hours. Oh, did I mention he wanted to be paid a minimum of $12 an hour? I asked how his job search was going and he said not well.


Typical millennial.


Millennials think differently. We want bigger, better, and faster. We have the patience of a flea and will cut every corner life gives us. Our world lives on a 7-inch screen in 30 second intervals (if you are a Millennial you’ve probably stopped reading this by now). We expect the world and we expect it on a silver platter. We were raised in a generation where everyone is given a trophy and we don’t know what it’s like to walk 15 miles in the snow just to get to the store.


My little brother isn’t alone. We are a new hybrid generation of get-rich-quick schemes and those schemes are actually working. Just ask anyone hosting a candle/clam-pearl/legging/jewelry party on Facebook. They want to make money fast (or earn free shit) by doing the bare minimum. Don’t you dare think those scheme-creators aren’t laughing all the way to the bank because they are. They figured out how to capitalize on this millennial work ethic and I applaud them.


According to an article on, the average tenure of a millennial in the workplace is 2 years. Let’s compare that to our parent’s generation (GenX) tenure of 5 years and their parent’s (Baby Boomers) tenure of 7 years. The article explains that we Millenials won’t stick around if we feel like we aren’t growing fast enough. On to bigger and better things. Why? Because we have infinite resources at our fingertips and we think we are entitled to success.


Dude, I am so guilty. I have been a real estate agent for 16 months and I have contemplated quitting at least 4 times. Why weren’t people coming to me to buy a house? Probably because you haven’t done the leg-work, Mekayla. You are telling me that I have to pick up the phone and *gasp* call someone? Guess what, I tried it and it worked.


A few years ago I was featured on some of the biggest networks in the entertainment and news industries. I had full features in magazines and appearances booked across the Midwest for months. I quit my job to write a book and start a clothing line. I had truly made it in the world… my dream life was handed to me on a silver platter right there for the taking.


But the publishers didn’t want my book and my clothing line didn’t get investors. I had $3.35 in my bank account and I needed to find a job—ASAP.


There I was, Miss Indiana USA 2014 with a bachelor of arts degree in communication studies—a new real estate broker and an ex-radio DJ and Production Director—and I was the newest employee at Dunkin Donuts.


I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t embarrassed every time a familiar face walked up to the counter, but I didn’t have a choice. I had $3.35 to my name and I was hungry for success. So I swallowed my pride and busted my butt every day. My managers noticed my hard work and customers complimented my cheery attitude. I was on the fast track to manager and was even told by a total stranger that I would be “going places.” If he only knew.


It’s funny what you can achieve when you have hit rock bottom. Yes I am a millennial and I also know what it means to work hard because the universe doesn’t owe me anything. If you want to know how to become truly successful the answer is simple; be consistent and be persistent. If you want something bad enough, you have to dedicate your all to getting it. Show the world that being a millennial means we use our talents to be resourceful. Show them that we won’t take no for an answer and we will work faster and harder because of our technologically submerged childhood. Show them that we don’t need another trophy to know that we are doing a good job because we were already given enough of those.


Do what I did and ask for a donut instead.



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