Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager: I’m a Survivor

“Teen Mom 3” cast Photo by Scott Gries

My name is Katie Yeager. You may recognize me from Teen Mom 3. Here is what you may not know…


The PTSD symptoms didn’t kick in until about six months later, followed by crippling anxiety, heightened by what has been a life long battle with depression. “Why is this happening now?” “I’ve escaped, I’m free.” I tried not to give him the power anymore. He doesn’t own me. He can no longer hurt me.


I thought leaving my abuser would be the hardest battle I had to fight. Little did I know that once I was safe, out of the cage he had kept me in for two years, that I would be more afraid than I ever was in captivity.


It started with pots and pans. I was 17. Far too young to be pregnant. I had a false perception of what relationships were. I grew up in a home where the mom and the dad didn’t like each other very much. That was my normal. So, the first time I had a pan thrown at me by the man whom I was 4 months pregnant with at the time, I thought, “Wow, arguing with the person that loves you sucks. I’m going to do everything in my power not to do that.” But the truth is, no matter what you do, what you say, and how much you try to be their idea of “perfect” something as simple as buying the wrong brand of laundry soap can end with holes in walls or bruises in places that can be hidden.


That was my life. For two years we had good days, average days, and really bad days. The bad days were followed by apologies and empty promises. It was like being in a relationship with two different people.

One, a hardworking father and loving boyfriend and two, a screaming, red faced, hurricane, destroying everything in his path. I tried to stay tough to keep my “family” together. I was in survival mode. I cried but I never really felt pain.


Then one night I was getting ready for bed, after the hurricane had left for his graveyard shift. I looked down and saw purple and black marks where his fingers had wrapped around my arm. I started packing. Essentials only. I had until the sun came up to put miles between him and I. I loaded my car and my one year old daughter and drove. I drove to the Wyoming/Utah boarder and I crossed that line. The line that I thought would make me safe.


Once I was over that line, I started my life over. I figured out how to be on my own. It was my daughter and I against the world in my mind. I put on a happy face; went to work, school, and back home with my daughter. I wasn’t sleeping or eating. Every time I would close my eyes I would be back in that apartment. I would feel the pain I never let myself feel. Then one day I couldn’t get out of bed. It was then that I realized I needed someone to lean on. I started therapy twice a week. I’d like to say I was magically better after that. The truth is I still have my bad days. But I am slowly viewing myself to be less of a victim and more of a survivor. I am strong and I have forgiven my abuser. Not for him but for me. Because there is no weakness in forgiveness.


I am taking my strength back from him. Because I am a survivor.

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9 Responses

  1. Chelcie N Rhodes

    I’m glad that u were able to find the strength to remove u & your daughter from that situation. U took the most important step u left. I’m very proud of u. U will have your good days & u will have your bad days EVERYONE DOES!!!I will keep u & your babygirl in my prayers.

  2. Ivery close family member

    Wow. I am sorry but after reading this article and everyone’s comments I have came to the conclusion that you all have WAY to much time on your hands! I understand that he was on a tv show and a part of his life played out in front of you all on tv, but that does not mean that You should judge him as a person just because you think what you hear or read online about him is true. I am here to tell you it is not. I can’t believe how much the media and articles are full of shit. For those of you who actually know Joey you would know that a lot of what is said about him is NOT true. A lot of times it’s actually the opposite! Well I won’t point fingers but it’s pretty obvious that a certain someone is an attention whore and like to make shit up to keep “fans.” As said before the only person who hurts from this is Molli. She will grow up and see all the bad things written about her father and hear all the bad rumors but she at least will know they are not true because like all of you don’t know she actually does have a relationship with her dad so she will know that he’s not the price of shit you all make him out to be. As far as his “2nd child” the boy you all talk about is NOT his kid. His ex Kerrie was cheating on him. And left him when she found out the show wasn’t having a season 2! So to set the record straight joey has molli with Katie and he is married to Marissa and they have Khloe and Jax together. He and Marissa have been together for 3 years and have a happy healthy relationship, but instead you all praise Katie who has brought multiple men around Molli and leaves her devastated when she breaks up with them. Also her being with her boyfriend for a year she should of probably had more of a commitment before having another child. Not just saying “oh you know what we’ve been dating long enough let’s have a baby!” Obviously Marissa and Joey weren’t married before they had their kids but they have been with each other for years now and they are happily married. Everyone likes to give Katie praise for being an awesome co parent. Haha. I can assure you that she is NOT! She actually keeps molli from him! They specific terms in their custody agreement and she does not abide by them! This is why Molli dois s not want to live with her mom she would rather live with her dad and his wife Marissa and her brother and sister because they demonstrate a stable home and she will remember everything her mother is doing to her now.

  3. Jen H

    I remember Katie being a whiney cryass while all he did was work himself into exhaustion bc she was never happy. She always had to have more and better but did nothing to contribute. She was 17 going on 12.

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