Tell All: Bachelorette Season 12 Finalist Robby Hayes


It’s the end of January and I am woken up by a phone call from an Unknown number in California. I typically don’t answer unknown numbers because if the call is important they will usually leave a voicemail.
Sure enough, they did!


It was a casting producer from ABC’s hit TV show ‘The Bachelorette’.  My first thought was that one of my buddies was playing a prank on me. This wasn’t the case. It turns out my little sister had anonymously nominated me to be casted for season 12 of the show. After over two months of applications, photos, videos, tests, skype interviews, etc.. I was flown out for final casting and eventually, casted.


My experience on this show was life changing. Let me start with this, knowing how it ended and the heartbreak I endured, I would still do it again 10 out of 10 times. The people I was fortunate enough to meet, the places around the world I was able to see, and all the soul searching and new things I learned about myself, were irreplaceable. It is a 3 month period where you are put into situations, scenarios, and corners that one would never encounter in most real life circumstances. Not only do these extensive situations bring out your character and personality traits that truly show who you are as a person, you are also disconnected from the outside world for this entire time.


No phone, no internet, no social media, no Facebook, no Instagram, no TV, no sports, no politics, no calling home to mom and dad for advice, nothing! I’m talking I didn’t hear the words Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton for 3 months straight (not exactly a bad thing).


On top of all this and what I learned about myself, I also learned a lot about the type of woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. My experience on this show helped me with that and has made dating after the show that much simpler!


I stay in touch with every person from the show, contestants, producers, and executives. I have made some incredible lifelong friendships, experienced things and cultures few people will get too, and made memories that will last forever.


-Robby Hayes


IG: RobertHunter89


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Dr. Heather Thompson Day is an Associate Professor of Communication, and Editor of Envision Magazine at Andrews University. She is the author of 6 Christian books including Confessions of a Christian Wife, available January 2019. You can follow Heather on Twitter or IG at HeatherThompsonDay.

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