Disconnecting to Reconnect


The other day I did a couple dozen different things that all looked exactly the same. I checked the weather, found a recipe, made a grocery list, wrote an email, talked to a friend, and googled way too many miscellaneous questions, just to name a few.

I was busy, but to the outside eye it looked like this:
Note the “making memories” sign.  Ignore Owen’s chocolate donut face.
Technology is amazing. That being said I don’t think anyone with a smart phone will deny that it’s all consuming and that they would like to have at least a little less attachment.
We grab our phones constantly through the day, and if you’re like me checking the weather turns into social media scrolling 9 times out of 10.
Last week, Heather talked about how we are addicts here. The trouble with technology addiction is cutting technology out of our lives completely isn’t a realistic thing for most of us. So how do you cut something so addictive out of your life just slightly?
For me it all started with a cookbook. There was something less magical about baking cookies with my kids while huddled around a smartphone. Less engaging, less educational, and way less practical with the tiny screen turning off every time I turned around.  When I realized this I realized there’s a lot of things that aren’t dead that can still be used instead of phones and sometimes they should.
Engaging less with our phones cuts our dependency. For myself, Little eyes are watching me and learning from me every moment of the day. It’s not likely they’ll remember that I told them I was looking up a recipe, checking an email, writing a grocery list but they will remember the image of me looking down at my phone.
That is not ok. Bad memory, bad future habits. I decided I want them to remember me differently. To know what I was doing by actually seeing me doing it. So here’s my conscious effort to disconnect. Kids might listen to what you say but eventually they’re going to start doing what you do. Just because we can do everything on our phones doesn’t mean we should. Worst case scenario, throw your phone in a book. Kidding (kind of)
Full Disclosure- I did write this article on my phone. Baby steps.

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