10 Things Only Someone Who Lives With a DIY-er Will Understands

To paraphrase Kevin McCallister,

“I’m painting things and taking off wall fixtures, you better come home and stop me!”

That’s one way to get your husband home a little faster. A phrase I used as recently as yesterday because it’s almost a holiday and scheduled company always gets a DIY-er motivated to do a last minute project. Last year we refinished and painted all the kitchen cabinets three days before Christmas Eve. This year, I took on the bathrooms.

But its not just around the holidays. Any DIY feign knows there’s only a small window of time in between scratching one itch and starting on another. When it comes to projects, my head (my husband) tells me to wait until its all planned out, budgeted, and thought through to start. My heart (myself) tells me there is no time to waste, this project needed to be started yesterday, and you can just mixed together old paint colors to make a good enough shade of gray to get this done before 5:00pm. My heart always wins.

Undoubtedly, there was a time when my impatience, whims, and then not so shocking project fails frustrated my husband; because, “I TOLD YOU SO!” But, give it a handful of years and a couple dozen projects later and they eventually learn to accept that we know you told us so, but this is a way of life, and dare I say, it’s endearing? (I tell myself that part)

Think you’re married/dating/hanging around a DIY-er? Here are 10 sure signs:

1. Every room in your house has been painted at least twice.

2. Any vacation time from work = honey do listing and helping with various DIY projects.

3. Scary text like “Can you electrocute yourself by drilling into walls?” And “Do we have a nail gun?” Regularly grace your phone screen.

4. You’ve spent a significant amount of money on at least one new tool investment to complete a DIY project that was supposed to save money.

5. You can spot a smile that says ‘I just finished an awesome project, that I never told you I was going to do, come see’ in an instant when you walk through the door.

6. On the contrary, an ‘I need your help finishing a project that I screwed up’ face is just as recognizable.

7. Impatience. The word takes on a whole new meaning.

8. You don’t even get frustrated at things like failed projects and picking out the wrong paint color anymore because it’s just a standard way of life now. No need to remind them you told them so. You know. They know. Standard procedure.

9. Date night can consist of swooning over future projects at your favorite hardware store.

10. You secretly love it.

I’m speaking for all the significant others everywhere on this one but admit it, you love it. Stuff gets done and always looks great (eventually). There’s still two days until Christmas Eve, own the above & go start that project! 😉


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